Investing 101: Life After Hurricane Harvey

As I sit here in the still of the night, I just had to reach out to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Whatever devastation you faced, I hope you and your family are safe and sound. From the bottom of my heart. (Note: Special thanks to everyone for your blessings from my last message in my newsletter. I am doing OK. Safe and sound. I appreciate your concern and hope you're all doing well. By the way, if you'd like to receive the latest Read more [...]
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News: MH Village Featured Article — “Mobile Home Gurl Finds Her Niche”

Hi all! Hope you're having a great summer. Mine's been fun! In any case, I wanted to share with you some news. MH Village, one of the top websites for manufactured homes in the industry and endorsed by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), which is the national manufactured housing trade organization, recently ran a story on me. (Note: Just in case you missed it, I've been taking a break but will continue to use the blog to make announcements. For the latest news and updates, be Read more [...]

Taking a Break…

Hi Everyone! Hope you're doing well. As for me, it's been crazy as usual. Which leads me to the point of this post...I'm taking a break. I'm getting off social media, putting this blog on hiatus and getting back to why I started to write in the first place: to tell great stories. Honestly, I haven't been much of a writer lately. I've lost my ability to focus. Why? I've been doing things for other people. But not for myself. And this has caused a lot of stress in my personal life. Read more [...]
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Book Review: Breaking Bed Bugs

(Note: Recently, I've had a lot of folks contact me asking what the difference between some of Lonnie's as well as other mobile home investing materials out there and which one I'd recommend the most. So, I've decided to go ahead and start a new series of posts - book reviews.) Since I've been having issues with animals (as explained in the last post!), I wanted to share with you an issue I've been going through from the last couple of homes I've taken back and have been fixing up...bed bugs. Read more [...]
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Terminology Tuesday (Tricks of the Trade) — How to Remove a Small Animal From a Mobile Home

(Note: I think it's important to know the terminology and words used when learning any new business including mobile home investing. I came up with 'Terminology Tuesday' as a way to go over the terminology used in the mobile home business. It's important to know the terminology when talking to people in the business so you're all on the same page). **** Tricks of the Trade is a new series I have started that will be included with "Terminology Tuesday" posts. The goal of this series is to share Read more [...]
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Investing 101: What Real Estate Gurus Don’t Tell You About Mobile Home Park Investing

Ever since this article came out, there's been quite a buzz about investing in mobile home parks. Now it seems like everyone wants to become a mobile home park investor. Though it can be lucrative (if done right), the truth of the matter is you just can't become successful overnight. Most of the information online points to all the positives of owning a mobile home park. But what are the negatives? What is the dark side of being a mobile home park investor? Well, nobody ever talks about that. Read more [...]
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Top 10 Mobile Home Investing Books

Since there's so many books out there, I've decided to compile a list of the Top 10 Mobile Home Investing books. Check it out! Best Mobile Home Investing Books for Getting Started #1 Deals on Wheels by Lonnie Scruggs Ah yes, the book that started it all. Considered the "Godfather" of mobile home investing, Lonnie was one of the first to write about his method of investing in mobile homes. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced investor, this one is a classic. For more details, Read more [...]
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Course Review: Mobile Home Park Investing Class

Hi Everyone! If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, you'll know that I recently signed up for this mobile home park investing course. And if you're part of the private Facebook group, you'll know I enjoyed the class and promised a review. So here it is! :) (Note: Before going into this type of investment, be sure to check out my video on mobile homes vs mobile home parks. Thanks for watching!) What I Liked About the Course The Cost Let's face it: Mobile home park investing Read more [...]
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Lessons Learned: Taking Back a Mobile Home

(Note: If you've read any of my books, you'll notice I usually include a "Lessons Learned" section. So, I've decided to include it here as a new blog post series. Thanks for reading!) When I first started out in mobile home investing, I knew about taking mobile homes back. Though it happens (even to the best including Lonnie himself), I thought it was something that I could handle. Boy was I wrong. Sure, a couple here or there wasn't a big deal. I got to experience taking back mobile Read more [...]
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Lifestyle Housing Summit: FREE Virtual Real Estate Investing Conference

Hi Everyone! Hope you're doing well. If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, you've probably heard about this FREE virtual real estate investing conference which features industry experts from different niches. I just wanted to be sure to write a post and remind everyone about the event. Only a few more days left to sign up! Just in case you missed it, the host of this conference interviewed me on the topic of mobile home investing. There's no cost to attend and you can join the conference Read more [...]