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If you’re looking for help to get started with mobile home investing, here are a few things you can do:

#1 Read this website (FREE)

Since I’ve been blogging for a very long time, I’ve written hundreds of articles on this website available for free. Search the site concerning the questions you have as it pertains to mobile home investing. Also, you can check out my YouTube videos which has helped a lot of readers tremendously.

#2 Join my email list (FREE)

I offer a newsletter where you can receive the latest articles and updates. As a subscriber, you’ll receive access to my free getting started thank you page. Here I outline the articles and videos you can read as well as steps you can take to help you along your journey.

#3 Buy My Book

If you still have questions and like what you read here, buy my book. As a getting started guide to mobile home investing, it has helped many readers. Feel free to check out the reviews on Amazon as well as my book press page.

#4 Join the Discussion Group (FREE)

I created a Facebook group where others can ask questions, share and discuss anything mobile home related. Joining is free but must be approved. Please no spamming. Thanks!

#5 Schedule a call

Looking for individualized attention but don’t want to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars for courses and programs? If you have questions you want answered straight from an expert, here’s your opportunity.

If you’d like one-on-one coaching, please schedule a call. Before the call, I strongly urge you to buy my book since I will be referring to it regularly. All calls are pro-rated and you will only be charged for time used.

Please see this FAQ page for more information.

#6 Buy a Consulting Package (Limited time only)

Want options? Buy a consulting package. Contact me for details.


If you represent a business, please note:

1. Please see this page for advertising opportunities.

If you’re a professional magazine, news publication, or blog owner and you’re looking for written content, please feel free to contact me.

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