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One of the team members I keep having to look for are contractors. Every time I find someone good and reliable, I have to always remember that I cannot depend on one person all the time. Trust me, I’ve learned through experience.

So, I’ve learned to always be on the lookout for more contractors to add to my team. Why is this? Well, sometimes people get busy. Or, even more often – just don’t show up. I learned this the hard way.

Recently, I had to have an a/c unit fixed. So, I called my a/c guy. He’s done really good work for me in the past – shown up every time and always does a good job. Well, this time he wasn’t available for the job. So, I had to call a couple “back up” a/c people.

Guess what? Out of the 5 people I called, only 1 showed up and gave me a fair estimate over the phone. Had I not had a few back up a/c contacts, I could have been in a bind. And let me tell you, it’s not the time to be networking when you really need the job done!

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Also, this happened with a handyman job I needed as well. I have a regular handyman person that I use in each area – it’s better for them if it’s closer. But, I also have a list of “back up” handymen just in case.

Well, I had a handyman job recently and called up my regular handyman in the area. Again, the same thing happened – he wasn’t available and I needed to use a back up. I called a few of my “back up” handymen in the area – one showed up. Same story. He got the job done – I will definitely be using him again.

Lesson learned. Always have “back up” contractors ready just in case. Keep networking and always be adding to your team so you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

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