Investing 101: Life After Hurricane Harvey

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As I sit here in the still of the night, I just had to reach out to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Whatever devastation you faced, I hope you and your family are safe and sound. From the bottom of my heart.

(Note: Special thanks to everyone for your blessings from my last message in my newsletter. I am doing OK. Safe and sound. I appreciate your concern and hope you’re all doing well. By the way, if you’d like to receive the latest news and updates, be sure to grab a copy of my free book. Thanks for reading!)

For anyone who missed it, here’s a quick recap of the storm and its aftermath:

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Personally, I know what it’s like to go through a natural disaster. Been through one myself. Not fun. But you know what?

We get through it…eventually. And it makes us stronger. Perhaps a little wiser too.

(Note: After surviving a natural disaster, I learned so much. Inspired by my new found knowledge, I wrote about how the experience helped me to better hire and manage contractors. Thanks for reading!)

Researching the impact of the storm got me curious. I wondered how it affected the mobile home industry. And this is what I found:

Trailer Park Homes Blown Away By Hurricane Harvey 2017 Extreme Winds And Rain In Victoria, Texas

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Video Link

Aransas County RV Park destroyed by Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey Destruction Aransas Pass Texas Lazy Acres Mobile Home Park

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Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned from Hurricane Harvey (and from surviving a natural disaster in the past) is that you just never know when these things will happen. This was labeled as a 1000 year old flood…one we may not see again in our lifetime.

But you never know. Hurricane Irma (so sorry to hear for those in Florida) is just around the corner.

So brace yourself. Be prepared. And hope for the best. No matter how bad things get, you’ll get through it. And if you need any advice, please let me know.

Take care, stay safe!

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