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Well folks, here’s my latest “Lonnie” deal. I had no idea this thing would go through. Actually, I was on my way to see a home out on a piece of land before going out to see this one. Turned out, the home on land didn’t work out – the lady told me someone else came before me and put a deposit. Told her I know she has a deadline to get the home off her land – if it doesen’t work out to contact me but please give me advance notice. Ah yes, many a times I’ve been called in desperation with someone having a home they need moved that day or the next day! Seriously, this business can be very demanding at times…

Getting back, I went out to this home. It’s quite an interesting story. It was owned by a husband and wife couple – they had other properties they owned and managed. The husband wanted to sell but the wife did not – they were currently renting out the unit. After talking with them for awhile, I got on their good side and they both decided it was a good idea to sell. The crazy thing is that out of all their properties this was the one that was cash flowing for them. Why on earth would someone want to sell this?

Well, they didn’t really see any value in the home. They told me “….it’s a depreciating asset,” and plus they told me they weren’t the type to shop at Wal-Mart, if you know what I mean. Yes, many a times I get laughed at for doing this business, I think the word “ghetto” is what most people (including some of my friends) have referred to it – guess it just ain’t so glamorous, eh?

In any case, I checked out the home. Everything was in pretty good condition and they even threw in a washer and dryer! Guess they really did want to sell the home.

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So, we closed on it. Of course, it took the whole day to do the walkthrough inspection and the paperwork with the housing office. But, it was well worth it. Plus, I learned a few things from the sellers about taking care of animals – they used to have goats on a farm. Gotta love this business!

Now, it’s in the process of getting cleaned up. Once it’s cleaned up, I may have the living room and kitchen painted as the paint is coming off and the carpet shampooed. Then, it will be ready. There are already some people in the park interested – they approached the sellers and asked them if they can buy it. But, the sellers told them they are working with me. Guess they didn’t want to be bothered with so many people.

It was a win/win situation for all. The sellers are now happy they don’t have to deal with this home anymore. I got a deal. Win/win for everyone.

I’m working on a couple more things. Have more opportunities now with some parks to fill lots – now they are paying me to move homes in ;) Pretty cool….Gotta love this business!

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