Mobile Home Investing 101: Importance of Relationships with Park Managers

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So many times, folks have asked me how to be successful in mobile home investing. Many struggle to obtain leads and find the right deal.

But, it’s not only about finding the right deal — it’s about building relationships. And, one of the most important relationships are with the park managers of the parks you want to work in.

Here’s a video I put together to show you why and how park managers have helped me to succeed. Enjoy!

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(Note: For those interested, I ran across a great interview on Dodd-Frank if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for reading!)

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  1. Ray Mysterio

    This indeed is a useful post for the people of today who like to buy some sort of property for them. In this post the author has said if you have a successful relationship with the park manager you will be able to get the best deal for your desired property.