Terminology Tuesday – Storage Shed Walk-Thru

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(Note: I think it’s important to know the terminology and words used when learning any new business including mobile home investing. I came up with ‘Terminology Tuesday’ as a way to go over the terminology used in the mobile home business. It’s important to know the terminology when talking to people in the business so you’re all on the same page.)

Though I’d mix up a bit with this “Terminology Tuesday” post and share with you a walk-thru of an actual storage shed that was included with a mobile home I recently purchased.

Hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching!

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  1. Very interesting way to invest in real estate, thanks for the definitions/terminology. We do mostly house flipswith extensive rehab but with so many mobile homes n my town, I’ve often thought of going that route to diversify our bcome streams.

  2. I’m with mike on this – it’s not a bad idea to have multiple sources. Besides, it’s always fun to try something new.

  3. Jennifer

    I encourage all to view your video and your terminology pages. Video’s in this day and age are do much better then step by step instructions. This helps ease an individual into wanting to learn more because it is easier. Great post and great blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.