Terminology Tuesday – 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool

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(Note: I think it’s important to know the terminology and words used when learning any new business including mobile home investing. I came up with ‘Terminology Tuesday’ as a way to go over the terminology used in the mobile home business. It’s important to know the terminology when talking to people in the business so you’re all on the same page.)

One of the most versatile tools I’ve come to learn to use is the 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool. For the most part, the majority of homes that I put on the market do require some painting and touch-up work. And for these jobs, this small little tool definitely comes in handy!

Here’s what mine looks like:

To give you an idea of what this little tool can do, here are some pics where I used it on some of my projects:

Scraping paint

Scraping residue from front door window

Removing caulk from bathtub

Scraping bad paint from walls

 photo MOBILE HOME CLASSIFIEDS 1_zpsiumr1ueh.jpg

Resealing lid on paint can (my personal favorite!)

(Note: Use bottom of 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool to tap on lid to reseal.)

Scraping paint from a roller (another one of my personal favorites!)

Here’s a video showing you how it works:

Video Link

If you’re interested in learning more about what this tool can do, here’s another video showing you the many different uses:

Video Link

I hope this “Terminology Tuesday” post has been helpful and has given you some useful information – it definitely has for me.

Happy investing!

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